Mine Technics Online Business

Mining and geotechnical engineering business Mine Technics team is working on a different project: an Online Business system. The team of expert consultants has a combination of over 80 years of experience, running and advising on projects and operations world wide and have a solid loyal client base. Always thinking forward, they have identified an opportunity to set up an online system to support their peers in the mining industry and help them achieve their goals.

“Reports show many professionals in the mining industry, especially those out in remote mine sites are under resourced for critical decision making in terms of geotechnical risk management. They need better support in many ways. We wanted people to know we offer expert and reliable partnership, as well as mentorship programs for operations teams and project managers”, says Cam Schubert, principal and co-founder. “With our new system, we’ll be able to not only promote our services and the training programs but also have the opportunity to soon run them online, securely.