Mascots, as a marketing tool.

Brand characters, or mascots, have been representing the nature of their businesses and products for ages, with the single purpose of bringing your business success. They should be unique and appeal to the emotional of the targeted audience, a positive emotion such as happiness or excitement.

Especially for mature and competitive markets, they enable customers to differentiate one product or service from another, giving you the opportunity to be noticed and remembered – quite often, with better results that trying it with features and prices.

You may have experienced, pricing war can be quite frustrating, and probably hurt the business.

When well used, mascots can be a highly effective weapon, powerful and versatile. It’s hard to think today of M&Ms without the M&M characters. How about McDonalds without Ronald McDonalds or Cheetos, without Chester the Cheetah? And they are there for a number of reasons, being the most important: sales.

Are mascots that important?

Short answer is yes but, truth be said, not every company needs one. Summarise the benefits of your product or service and also of your competitors. If you find they are similar enough to confuse your audience, you could really use a mascot here. When they can’t see differences between products it may comes down to “which one is cheaper” – risky place to be. If that’s your case, we can definitely help.

Mascots are here to sell. They “talk” to your audience, give your organization personality and show people what’s different in YOUR company. It’s much easier to relate to a character, they get you better responses, more quickly.

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