BioGuard Australia website

Originally, a Drupal-based online business and content management system with restricted area and content for retailers and staff. It featured a store locator for the public; a multi-tier, multi-currency e-commerce system for registered users; and an interactive online learning application aimed at new staff to learn the basics of pool and spa care.

Pool shop owners can register and enroll a new “cadet”, which can then take the course. Upon successful completion, the system updates their status and get them listed as certified staff in the admin area. The cadet receives a personalized certificate of completion, which makes it easier to open doors in the pool and spa industry. Retailers have access to certified learners from both their shop’s mini-site admin area and their user account. Nice huh.

“The website is great – thanks! In terms of feedback, your work is of an excellent standard, delivered on time for a reasonable cost.”

J. Badger

Marketing Manager, BioLab Australia