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San Pe… who?

Hi, I’m San Perroud, I’m a learning experience and digital designer with a passion for technology and art, especially when cleverly combined. I enjoy working with 3D animationvideos, graphics, instructional design and web, which some people will (hopefully) tell you I do well.

I’ve been in the design industry since the mid-90s and in the learning industry for the past 5+ years. But it was early 2000s when my career really took shape. I was as the art director in a small production house, we were developing 3D characters rigged for real-time engines, to be virtual event hosts (MC) and polarised stereoscopic videos mostly for product launching, which was a big deal at that time. It took companies a lot of convincing and proving that we could make this happen, but eventually we collected quite a few happy stories. Such an experience.

Late 2004, I married my beautiful wife, 2 months later we moved to Australia, and we never looked back. A tough, crazy scary and yet amazing move.

The rest of the story? Well, a lot has happened since, but that’s for another day, perhaps over a coffee.

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