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Hi, I’m San Perroud, I’m a learning experience and digital designer with a passion for technology and arts, especially when cleverly combined. I enjoy working with instructional design, 3D animationvideos, graphics and web, which some people will (hopefully) tell you I do well.

My background is in digital design, I spent much of my career supporting creative agencies and marketing teams. I entered the learning industry almost by accident, when I took on a project to design an e-learning program for BioLab ANZ retailers, back in 2012; it was far from perfect, but I loved every bit, and so did the client. The program saved the retailers lots of time and money in training of newcomers.

I officially made the move to the learning industry in 2017, after a successful delivery of a 5-module e-learning training for BHP, on work safety. I got a role with a learning and development team in Brisbane, recently designing and delivering leadership programs. I’m now on a mission to fight mediocre learning programs and better the world, one leader at a time :)

The rest of the story? Well, it’s been such a ride, but that’s a story for another day; perhaps over a coffee.

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