Web design and development

Web is not all about technology. It’s also about control – you in control.

After years working with content management systems (CMS), such as Drupal, WordPress (my current choice) and Moodle, I’ve been recently focusing on building complete online business solutions.

Integrating support systems (eg. Email marketing, CRM, store locator, event management etc.) to work seamlessly, always striving to achieve the best results for instructional and corporate web apps.

Sometimes people seem to forget that websites are business tools. You need to ask why you want/need a website, in the first place.

360º Product Viewer

Interactive 360º online product viewer

Online Store and locators

e-Commerce, store locator, mapping systems

Event Management

Event listing and management, booking, ticketing

Online Marketing

Competitions, promotions, landing pages, prospect capture, forms

Some past web projects