2008 BioGuard Ignite Conference

“I am really glad that you were able to do these jobs, you have done a really great job that met our brief, but also implemented a lot of creativity in the design of both the DVD and the website. I was really impressed with the DVD and how you timed everything to the music and the additional animations you used to bring the still shots to life, were great. The website was the same, you were able to incorporate the design of the BioGuard site but ‘Ignite’ it, by using the conference theming.

I found you were very prompt to respond to emails and requests and were very accommodating to our needs. You were very thorough in the changes, there was only 1 ‘extra space’ that you missed once – and that is really nothing major at all! It was really great with the website that you were able to liaise directly with Dave to ensure that the site was uploaded promptly and correctly also, this removed a headache for us as this process is a bit above our heads! I am very very happy with everything that you have done for us and hope that in future we can send more work your way! Thanks again!”

Kelly T.

Marketing Coordinator, BioLab Australia