Using motion capture in Blender

3D, Character Development, eLearning

In the e-learning space, one of the things that I really enjoy is being able to work with characters. Luckily, video-based character-led training is a popular choice, so I get to put this old passion to good use.

Considering production time (and cost) can be a deal-breaker for choosing 3D animation as an option, I’m always on the look for better ways to accelerate the process. Motion capture, often referred to as mocap, is a good example. After a long time trying to figure out a way to use it, without much hassle, I finally got it to work. This is my test animation. Ahmed here is doing his happy dance, celebrating our new workflow, for those times when mocap can save you hours of animation work. Although I enjoy animating, good use of time is still a key component of any successful project.

And that is Sissy, an SIS expert that will provide the intelligence team with invaluable spatial information. She agrees mocap is very cool and couldn’t help doing her happy dance too.