AuSFO CMS Website

AuSFO CMS Website

After 5 years running on the original system we built, with no updates whatsoever, the CMS website for the Australian Society of Forensic Odontology Inc. (AuSFO) has finally been through a deserved revamp. 

Although Joomla is on our top 3 CMS list, we normally tend to favour Drupal, specially when it comes to flexibility on more complex systems. That said, I have to confess the Akeeba modules on Joomla, for system administration, impressed me quite a bit. It made the whole process a breeze, really amazing tools. And that’s something Drupal hasn’t been able to do yet: core updates. Let alone upgrades.

The job was to upgrade the core of their current website system to its latest version, update the contributed modules and add a few more features, such as blogging. During the testing phase we quickly learnt we would had to come up with different solutions for some of the components that lost compatibility straight away, such as the events list one and the template. I guess, that’s the price if you want to go with the latest technology – but it’s well worthy. Long story short, after a few days researching and testing new modules, fortunately it all went well. Yes, there is a lot more we can do, but we will leave it for the next chapter, hopefully not too far away. I the meantime, we keep ourselves busy constantly learning and trying new stuff out, so when you ask for a techie solution, we have already checked what works and what doesn’t.

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BioGuard Australia CMS Website

BioGuard Australia CMS Website

A full-on CMS with protected area and restricted content for retailers, BDMs and staff. It features a store locator and an e-commerce system for registered users. The latest addition is an interactive e-Learning application aimed at new pool shop staff, so they learn the basics of pool and spa care.

Pool shop owners can register a new “cadet”, which then can take the course. Once they succeed, the system updates their status and get them listed in the admin area. The cadet gets a personalized certificate of completion, which make it easier to get the doors open for them in the pool and spa industry. Retailers can always keep track of who did what on ether their own shop pages or user account. Nice huh.

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