The heads of The Gourmandiser

Sometime ago, I got a piece of software that promised it would make nice 3D head models of people based on photographs you provided. After spending more time that I should, trying to figure out a way to make it work, I realised that program wasn’t helping at all, the results I was getting were rubbish. The challenge was to illustrate a caricature of 2 dear friends, Ju and Charles. After a couple of failure attempts I thought it was time to go “old school” and model them by hand.

Enter Blender (, a comprehensive 3D package, with full support for modelling, animation, composition, game development and a pretty fancy, physically correct rendering engine, named Cycles, capable of matching if not surpassing the quality of bigger paid packages in the industry. Want more? It’s completely free. One of those things that seems too good to be true, turns out it is both.

Anyway, here’s another option for character development for corporate. Mascots are always nice, but a character you know, such as the boss or whoever else caricatured in 3D, that we don’t see every day.

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