This is the latest version of SPASA SA CMS website. They were having difficulties to manage and update the content with the previous system, so we re-developed their website from the ground up.

This new one is by far much more powerful and flexible, it allows them to update any content within the system, such as blog entries, pages, users, member businesses etc. Amongst other features, its highlight is a (very cool) layered mapping system with categories as switchable checkboxes that toggles the appearance of businesses on the map. All done automatically, if the business has an physical address, it’s on the map – too easy.

Did I mentioned the mapping system will search for the address for you and setup the mark position on the map, on the fly? Oh well, I did say it was cool though. Basically, it’s the power back on the customer’s hands. To the user, it makes content search and navigation a lot more straightforward. To the owner association, it makes content management a ‘walk in the park’. To us, it makes perfect sense.

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