BioLab Mobile App

BioLab Mobile App

BioLab is an industry leader in the development and marketing of innovative products that provide clear water for pools and spas – helping people around the world enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and better experiences in their recreational spaces.

With 30 years in Australia and 25 in New Zealand, they have a lot to celebrate this year. Amongst other benefits for their approved retailers they are offering an information packed workshop on selected cities on both countries, promoting new products and services as well as updating marketing and sales material for existing ones.

“The app worked really well at the trade show, and the sales team is excited to be able to use it”, said the marketing executive responsible for the project.

The new mobile web app, primarily aimed at tablet devices, was designed and developed to provide clear and easy access to information on each of its seven brands and products. Beside iPads, the app proved also useful on touch-screen monitors and was shown on a big screen so by-standers could see the information too.

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