San Perroud

Digital Designer

San Perroud

I’m a digital designer with a special interest in the communication as a whole. With a bachelor of Communication and Advertising, a number of certificate courses and nearly 2 decades in the design industry, I believe communication is a key ingredient to any good relationship, and corporate is no different.

BioLab mascots
The mascots for BioGuard’s H2Know online training series.

I strive to provide learning experiences and communication solutions with exceptional value, by delivering projects on brand, on brief, on budget and on time.

Okay, we know not all projects will run perfectly smooth, or on time, but that's when experience can help. I've been on this game for over 20 years, and I learnt to enjoy the ins and outs of a well-managed project.

I love learning. I'm a confessed geek and truly enjoy learning all I can, explore possibilities, and push boundaries in a productive and healthy way. And once you learn how far you can go, the secret lies in what you do with it.

If the content is king, context is god.

Coming from the graphic design industry, my work was making money for people who already has lots of it. At times, not something I was particularly proud of, especially when my kids started asking what I do for a living. A few years back, promoting gambling for a profit-at-all-costs type of business was the last straw for me. The horrible humans in management at that time made the decision to move away much easier too. Since leaving them and making the move to the learning space, I can hand-on-heart say my work and efforts will make my audience smarter, safer, better leaders, hopefully, the better selves they can be. And that makes me proud.

To paraphrase the wisdom of a well-known fairy-godmother: "The thingamabob that does the job is bibbidi-bobbidi-boo". I know, right?


CMS website, e-commerce, e-learning and web apps: WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, JS and more.


Video editing, motion graphics and 3D animation: Premiere, After Effects, Blender and Maya.

Graphic Design

Corporate visual ID, digital, print and creative services: Adobe Creative Suite.



2D, 3D and hand drawn illustration for layouts, story board and character development (mascots).


Animation Mentor

Certified Diploma in Advanced Character Animation, 2008 – 2009

Mackenzie University

Bachelor in Communication & Advertising 1992 – 1997

Certified Diplomas

After Effects, Maya, Blender, Drupal, Moodle, WordPress, JQuery, AngularJS, SEO, SEM, to name a few.


  • English (Proficient) 95% 95%
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Native) 98% 98%
  • Spanish (Limited Proficiency) 60% 60%
  • Japanese / 日本語 (Elementary) 30% 30%



Web + Apps

Video + Motion Graphics


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What really matters

Many fail to realise we actually work with, manage and serve PEOPLE. Not projects. Below, some words from real people I worked with.
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Okay, I'm aware that nice testimonials about someone' service on their own website is slightly... questionable. But you'll have to trust me on this one.
Fist bump promise. (that's the tough version of the pinky one)

(Regarding characters I'm developing for a new course for the Disaster Management team...) "That is beyond clever! How AMAZING! I would love to hear about how these are going to be used. It has me hooked as a learner just looking at them."


Learning and Development Consultant, Council

Having worked alongside San for many years during my tenure at BioLab Australia, I can strongly recommend him and the very high quality of his work. He always showed exceptional creativity coupled with intelligent application and practical design. He worked well under pressure, stayed within budgetary demands and always delivered superb graphics and effective IT applications.

Greg W.

Strategic Business Development Executive, APAC, BioLab Australia

San has assisted our company to progress our IT and social media platforms with huge success. The work he has created for us has been of an extremely high standard.

Olivia M.

Executive Officer, HITsa Industry Training

The work he has performed for us has included technical and aesthetic modifications to our e-commerce websites; poster and brochure design; and video editing. Each time, results were delivered in a timely manner and on budget.

The quality of work and creativity were excellent and exceeded our expectations; and there was a real concern from Perroud that everything they produced met the standards we require to accurately present our brand and products. I recommend to anyone seeking to propel their brand identity above the crowd, and would happily provide a personal reference to that end.

Dr Tim N.

Managing Director, Brazcom Imports

Originally, we had contacted San Perroud to develop our brand identity, business card and a newsletter template only. However, his knowledge and sense of commitment made us decide to go further and create a website to support our marketing goals.

His ideas have brought us not only good feedback from our existing customers but also new business opportunities.

From the first meeting, briefing, through concept and launching, he proved he was well prepared to understand our necessities and deliver results. We will gladly recommend San Perroud's services to other businesses.

Amanda T.

Chef, Epicure

Alessandro is a highly creative individual who is able to work to tight timeframes and convert ideas into workable solutions.

He is extremely approachable and knowledgeable about every aspect of design. It is evident that he keeps abreast of trends, fashions and latest design technology.

A key talent is that he really listens to what you want and is totally unflappable.

Anne L

National Manager - Marketing & Communications, Elders Insurance

Perroud has a unique ability to produce what I need and want but thought was impossible. Always thinks out of the box to produce work that effectively communicates the message, captures the personality of the brand and attracts attention. Highly recommended.

Amelia L.

Marketing professional, Elders Group

Alessandro is a brilliant, creative and highly competent graphic and multi media expert that I would recommend to anyone looking for creative solutions that are executed really well.

David M.

National Marketing Manager, Elders Group

Alessandro is a brilliant, creative and highly competent graphic and multi media expert that I would recommend to anyone looking for creative solutions that are executed really well.

David M.

National Marketing Manager, Elders Group